At its core, CPC serves as a catalyst for volunteerism and community activism involving the welfare and sustainability of the park and its resources. We foster collaboration between a diverse group of neighborhood leaders, volunteers, professional consultants and Atlanta city government leaders sharing a common goal: restoring Chastain Park to its world-class heritage. With one eye on Chastain Park’s glorious past and another on its promising future, the CPC board and membership is focused on four main tasks:

• Update and rehabilitate historic structures and legacy amenities to meet the needs of current and future visitors.

• Add new facilities to improve the park and continually make it a better experience.

• Utilize efficient management practices to keep Chastain Park safe, clean and green at every level of operation.

Build a sustainable financial underpinning to ensure that CPC’s long-term goals are adequately funded:
• Public and private partnership
• Private and corporate donations