November 17, 2015


In the final PUSH for PLAY, we are feeling so yellow...

Have you noticed that a lot of really great things are yellow: a sunflower, a smiley face, bananas, the sun and two of our favorites... the NEW! Yellow Slide at PLAY CHASTAIN that was given to us by the Yellow Pages (YP)!  


The Yellow Slide is a dual embankment slide that is built directly into the ground. This particular structure was one of the first play items children requested for the PLAY CHASTAIN. All funding eyes and ears were fascinated the Yellow Slide and how building dual slides into the existing hillside would provide children with disabilities the opportunity to slide too! After three years of active fundraising, we have raised $2.25 Million towards our $2.5 Million goal needed to build Play Chastain. With a ground-breaking summer, we have been diligently working through a rainy fall to bring PLAY CHASTAIN to life THIS winter! In the final Push for Play we need your support to close our $250,000 funding gap. Please consider making a legacy gift this holiday season, in honor of all children and families of the world who will make cherished memories at PLAY CHASTAIN.


PUSH for PLAY. Donate Today! http://fundlyenterprise.com/Campaign/PushForPlayChastain#/


For more information, please contact Rosa McHugh via email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.