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Help Us Grow!

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This holiday season we are grateful for you.  It is because of caring individuals like you that Chastain Park is such a gem in our community.  We love that you are now visiting our site, it likely means that you enjoy all that Chastain Park has to offer within its 268 acres of greenspace. If you are also looking to learn more about the Chastain Park Conservancy’s mission, projects and programs I’ve written this, my first blog, for you...

The Chastain Park Conservancy began back in 2003, when a small group of neighbors saw the need to make the park a cleaner, safer and greener destination for all. At the time, the park was overgrown with many of its resources in grave disrepair. Together they took the initiative to remove overgrowth and create a volunteer program to maintain the park.  Our Director of Operations, Ray Mock, was there from the beginning and was crucial in developing our now well-known First Saturday Volunteer program. These neighbors were known as People of Chastain. 
By 2004, People for Chastain had established the Chastain Park Conservancy (a 501c-3 organization) in an effort to be able to raise tax deductible donations for much needed capital improvements.  As part of the process they funded the planning and development of what became the 2008 Atlanta City Council Approved Chastain Park Master Plan. Today, the Conservancy works to implement the projects envisioned in the master plan including such capital improvements as the Chastain Park Earth Craft Tennis Center, PATH extension, New Playground, Pedestrian Lights, Hill Top Fields, Signage among others. Project implementation is ongoing - 2018 will bring: shade structures to the playground, new bocce ball courts as well as the completion of the PATH around Chastain Park with the West Wieuca Road Sidewalk Widening Project.  We are excited about this new capital improvement as it is our most exciting safety and beautification initiative to date! 
Forward to today and the Conservancy is able to provide maintenance and bring capital improvements to the park through our dedicated volunteer program, individual and corporate donations, local Atlanta family foundations, organizational partnerships and through the support of the City of Atlanta.  Without these resources, the park would not be the clean, safe and green destination we have all come to expect. Just in 2017, our volunteer program brought the equivalent of $190,000 of maintenance value to the park.  That is close to 10,000 hours of volunteer work! 
Here are some additional fun facts – did you know that in 2017 the park welcomed close to 2 million people, over 500,000 people used the PATH, more than 10,000 dogs enjoyed walking our trails, volunteers replaced 72,000 doggie bags, these same volunteers planted over 28 native trees, Farm Chastain hosted 18 free urban farming classes. There are so many great facts and stories to share with you.  Help us make Chastain Grow - join us as a member/ donor, volunteer with us or even better stop by our office. When you come see us you’ll learn about Farm Chastain, get to know Chuck - our resident goat, and see how you would like to get more involved with Chastain Park and all of the Conservancy’s projects and programs.  We look forward to seeing you soon.
Have fun outside!
Rosa McHugh
Chastain Park Conservancy
Executive Director


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