• "Holidays In The Park" - Saturday, Dec. 13 from 4 to 6:30 pm
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The CPC hosted a special guest at "Holidays in the Park" last Saturday. Not only did this give the children around Chastain a chance to tell Santa their list, but to also get their picture taken with him. To see our entire scrapbook of snapshots with Santa, please visit our Facebook page. Photo courtesy of Jay Smith.

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The first of a series of approvals from the Atlanta Parks Department and City of Atlanta are underway for the commencement of construction for Play Chastain. This first of many steps of approvals is one that both the Parks Department and the Chastain Park Conservancy considers to be one of the most important – the trees in the park. One of Chastain Park’s signature trademarks is the canopy of trees that blanket the northern half of the park which is why the Conservancy remains committed to preserving the health and beauty of the park’s urban forest.

The construction plans for Play Chastain propose the removal of 22 trees of seven different species to make way for the westward expansion of the existing playground as well as the addition of a public restroom - these trees will soon be marked with an orange “X” to indicate to the public of their planned removal. But fear not, the playground plans have been designed in a manner that will carefully preserve the majestic century old mature oaks scattered throughout the 6 acre playground site. Additionally, as part of the overall playground plans, the Conservancy has planned for the addition of 101 new trees of

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Great News! We’ve just received our permit from the City of Atlanta to begin construction on our Walk Chastain project, which will make the Powers Ferry portion of the path wider and safer.

This project, along with Play Chastain, is part of the Conservancy's $5.2 million capital campaign. The PATH Foundation, which will manage the construction of the project, is preparing to start the contractor selection process and hopes to break ground in early 2015. Walk Chastain enhancements include widening the path from 4 foot to 10-12 feet, increasing the safety buffer from cars to 4 foot plus, installing granite curbs and a guardrail, and improving crosswalk intersections.

Thanks to all who #lovechastain and have donated to this crucial improvement for our most valued green space. If you'd like to donate to Walk Chastain, please click here. Then, stay posted for updates on Walk Chastain as we continue our mission at the CPC to restore, enhance, maintain and preserve Chastain Park

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This past spring and summer, hundreds of kids of all ages came to visit us and learn about urban gardening. But did you know Farm Chastain also delivered real health benefits to others beyond its gates?

Yes! Through our partnership with The Southeastern Horticultural Society, Farm Chastain has a sister farm in West Atlanta. Good Samaritan Farm is part of Good Samaritan Health Center that provides affordable medical, dental, mental health and health education services for underserved individuals and families.

Here’s how Farm Chastain works with Good Samaritan Farm to nourish the Atlanta community at large.

First, seeds are planted in the greenhouse by our own Farmer Josh at Good Samaritan. (Yes. He pulls double duty farming at Good Samaritan, too.) Next, Josh digs up the baby plants and transplants them at Farm Chastain. Sun shines down. Rain falls.  Bees pollinate. Pesticides are not sprayed. Leaves grow. Beans sprout. And soon, before you know it, the garden is lush with organically grown, vitamin packed peppers, eggplant, tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, sweet potatoes, squash, lettuce, herbs and more.

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Did you know that two of Chastain Park's five picnic pavillions located throughout the park are the original structures built in the 1940's? These gathering spots come with grills and picnic tables. (The park actually has 12 grills.) Some of the pavillions are smaller with one picnic table that seats about 16 -- perfect for birthday parties. A few pavillions have four tables that provide plenty of seating space for about 64 people - ideal for family reunions and company picnics. According to Ray Mock, Director of Communications, "if you build it, they will come. The last time the Chastain Park Conservancy restored, enhanced and preserved a picnic pavillion, a family reuniion was held there the very next day!"

This weekend, the pavillion closest to the green lot will receive some much needed TLC thanks to 17 year old Warren Reece. The teenager is undertaking the project on behalf of an Eagle Scout project. He and his father will be replacing the punctured roof and damaged wood. They willl also repaint the pavillion to cover graffiti. The project is expected to take two weekends.

Upon completion, the covered green space will be open to the public, first come first serve. Just bring your own food and charcoal. You can even build a fire in a contained open fireplace near the pavillion. Just another reason thousands of people in the past, present and future  #lovechastain!



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We are happy to share this information with you from Pete Pellegrini of the PATH Foundation in regards to the new Powers Ferry PATH: "The Design team has successfully minimized the construction impact placed on the existing trees that front the new PATH," said Pellegrini. "A total of one tree will be removed by the proposed construction with the park receiving a total of ten new three-inch caliper trees as well as a safer trail venue for those visiting the park. The CPC has created a win/win for all project stakeholders that will meet the Atlanta Tree Ordinance and create another generation of trees for all park visitors to enjoy for the next 70 years."

"As a Conservancy, we take great care in protecting the existing tree canopy and ensuring we plant new trees that are appropriate to the area," said Rosa McHugh, Executive Director of the Chastain Park Conservancy.

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It's "A Night Unplugged" October 2, from 7-11 p.m. and tickets are on sale now. For our 10th anniversary, we've planned our Fall Fundraiser like never before. You’re invited to help us celebrate with a night of music featuring Fred Schneider of the B-52’s, Mudcat &The Atlanta Horns, Cindy Wilson of the B-52’s with Ola Moon, Ed Roland of Collective Soul and The Sweet Tea Project and Drivin’ N Cryin’. We hope you will join us! Click here to buy tickets.

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On a sunny Wednesday morning in August, Chris, the volunteer is brushing down Luke, one of 27 therapeutic horses for his 11:30 ride. "It's a standard grooming practice for each horse that will serve as the legs for someone with a disability up to two hours a day," said Chris.

With 13 rolling pastoral acres gracefully tucked inside the corner of Powers Ferry and West Wieuca, The Chastain Horse Park is the only facility of its size and quality located inside the city limits of a major metro area.

With three arenas, riding lessons, boarding facilities, camps, event rentals and pony parties at the Red Barn, the horse park fills many needs. Yet, none may be quite so valuable and life altering as its therapeutic riding program.

At the core of Chastain Horse Park, a 501c3 organization, is a commitment to helping people with mental and physical disabilities such as Autism, MS and spinal injuries. Riding a horse encourages one to use this or her own body strength to maintain balance, improve coordination and prevent muscle atrophy. The forward and backward, side to side and up and down motion of a horse’s gait simulates walking for a horseback rider.

If you're wheelchair bound, the therapy provides more than physical benefits. Riders experience a great sense of freedom as they become mobile for just one hour out of their week. "All kids respond to horses as it's a natural way to relax physically and emotionally," said Kelcy Rainer, Chastain Horse Park's Therapeutic Program Manager. "Horses have an innate sense of what humans are feeling. They're non-judgemental and show the same emotions we do. Perhaps the best thing are the interspecies relationships that are formed here.”

For some, health insurance will foot part of the rehabilitative service. For those in need, the Chastain Horse Park also has a scholarship program. For more information, please visit http://chastainhorsepark.org/

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Those of us who live, work or play at Chastain Park know what a wonderful, often fairy tale like setting it can be. So, today, we want to share a story with you about "the Geese House," an actual, real white brick house nestled between the trees and hydrangeas on Powers Ferry Drive just across from the golf course. You see, four years ago, it was sort of made official when Max and Ingrid and their two children, Anna and Stuart, moved into the home where the faux lifelike birdies already lived. Deciding that the long-necked, webfooted swimming creatures must truly be an important part of their family, they did what anyone would do. They named them - Monty, Claire, Austin and Nancy (after street names of previous residences.) Then, they began dressing them up for special occasions and seasonal events. (Here they're shown in plain goose attire post 4th of July red,white and blue garb. Coming soon, look for them to be "be-ducked" in swimwear and pool floats.) Hence, "the Geese House" became a popular destination. And to this day, children stop by to see them and even leave little thank you notes behind in their mailbox. The end.

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Last Friday, we had a few special guests at the barn! Actually, two busloads of curious kids from the Center for the Visually Impaired. Thanks to their tour guide (and our Executive Director) Rosa McHugh, they took an adventure around the barn. From tasting basil out of the garden to smelling rosemary to hearing a bee buzz to petting Chuck's furry little back -- Farm Chastain awakens the senses.

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